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Get ready to practice your putting skills…

Special offer for individuals wishing to play miniature golf in their backyard – interchangeable modular Mini Golf hole.

This is a Mini Golf hole intended for owners of private houses, cafes, restaurants, hotels, campgrounds, party and event organizers and everyone else wishing to have a Mini Golf hole that can be transformed and reconfigured constantly without difficulty. The hole consists of 6 different parts - 4 interchangeable parts, as well as the beginning and the end with the hole. Four parts of the fairway can be interchanged this way obtaining 24 different variants. If more complex modifications and longer lengths are requested one can buy additional modules. The length of each module is 1.25 meters (4 feet and 2.5 inches) or less, so they are easy to lift and simple to assemble that allows to quickly change the configuration of the hole and continue the game. You will never get bored with one hole as you can reconfigure it into 24 combinations.

A Standard hole has the following elements – contraction, hill (Everest), labyrinth and 90-degree left or right turn (pinball). Two different size putters and two balls are also included. Overall length of the fairway is over 6 meters (over 20 feet). Holes are manufactured from dried, planed and impregnated wood, water-resistant plywood, Astroturf and aluminum profiles for the finish.

The mini-golf hole is for anyone but is especially advised for private house owners, cafes, restaurants, hotels, campgrounds, outdoor and large indoor area – event and party organizers, rental and other business and private uses.

9 or 18 holes interchangeable Mini Golf course

These courses consist from 9 different interchangeable holes. Each hole has 4 different segments – a 9-hole course has 36 segments which can be reconfigured and each time creates a new course. Having one 9-hole course it is possible to create over 50,000 different hole configurations. Impressive, isn’t it?

Our Mini Golf hole’s features:

  • Natural solid impregnated wood
  • Original handmade construction
  • High quality Astroturf for smooth ball travel
  • Aluminum finishes preventing Astroturf and wood from damage
  • Water resistant
  • Eco-friendly fairway materials
  • No tools required and easy installation
  • No tools required to change configuration
  • Easily changeable configuration
  • 24 different configurations for each Mini Golf hole
  • Easy to extend fairway and add more fairway segments
  • 2 putters and 2 balls included
  • Easy to lift and store
  • No special type of surface for the fairway required