FAQ on Playing

How should I assemble and disassemble the hole?

  • Place all hole segments on the ground.
  • Assemble parts together – join the segment side with T profile to the next segment’s side with L angle, so that T profile fits into the L angle. There should not be any space between the segments.
  • Connect the putting plate to the first segment and the end with the hole to the last segment.
  • Hole should be assembled on a smooth, hard surface.
  • The hole is disassembled the reverse way, just take each segment away and stack them for storage or transportation.

How can I change configuration of the hole?

Changing hole’s configuration is very easy. Just change segment positions in the same way as in assembly and disassembly. Remove some segments of the hole and then change segments with each other, and then assemble all segments again. Put the ending (with a hole) and the putting plate to the first and last segments.

Can I use fewer segments indoors and more segments outdoors?

Yes. One segment is 125 cm (50 inch) long, but you can add and take out segment you don’t want to play. So, if you bought one hole and want play only 3 changeable segments, you can leave out 1 segment. In such a case your hole will be shorter and easier. You can leave out 2 or, if you want, even 3 segments and play with only one segment and ending hole.

Is your hole suitable for left-handers?

Yes. All people, right-handers or left-handers, can play with our hole.

Can I stand on the putting surface?

No. Do not play standing on the surface and do not walk on it. Our hole’s construction is strong enough to hold a car, so if you accidentally step on the surface it should not cause any damage, but in mini golf nobody should stand on the putting surface. We want you to keep your holes nice and good looking for a long time.

Can Happy Golf hole be used outdoors?

Yes. All materials are water proof, rain or damp will not harm your Happy Golf hole. We recommend not to leave your hole outside for long periods and in winter time. This way your hole will look good and remain in top shape for a long time.

How realistic is the hole compared to Mini Golf courses?

Our holes are of similar length and width to Mini Golf courses, we use Astroturf or felt as in Mini Golf courses and our interchangeable hole has similar segments to the real course.